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Macro System for CRE Loaded Module from MagneticOne

Macro System for CRE Loaded

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Macro System for CRE Loaded is a perfect tool that automates routine content operations.

You won’t need to go over each product and edit the text. Especially usefull if you have many products with similar description: software will help you to change parts of multiple product descriptions at once. Once the Macro System is configured, you’ll have the ability to change the content for ALL products in moments. Let this software do the routine work for you!

What CRE Loaded Macro System can do for you:

  • Update the specific parts of content for multiple products within seconds
    Macro System will replace the text inside the macro identifier with one you need
  • Find&Replace text over the entire store easily
    Goes through your products and replace required text with some other. This feature is similar to Find and Replace tool in text editors
  • Simplify changes for all or specific languages
    If you have products’ descriptions in more than one language, the software will allow to select the language in which you’d like to make changes and more

How Macro System works – Easy as 1-2-3!

  • Create new Macro. Set the Database Field, Language and Macro Body (text block you want to manage)
  • Paste Macro Identifier code (that will be assigned to created macro) into field you want to control(usually product description), Identifier will look like this: at the beginning of text and – at the end of controlled text
  • Save Changes and click on Update Macro in Database button. Current text block inside the Macro Identifier will be replaced with text specified in Macro Body, even for 10 000 products!

Macro Identifier won’t be shown on product description pages, it’s interpreted as regular html comment by browsers.

You can use this module to:

  • Manage the duplicated text for multiple product descriptions
    You will be able to change the text duplicated in many product descriptions. For ex. you have few modifications of the same product with the small differences in description. Macro System will allow you to mange the variable part of it in one place. You won’t need to change the text for each product
  • Replace the specific text for the whole store in a few clicks
    You can replace the specific text for the whole store in a few clicks. For ex. you can change the Supplier name in your product descriptions (even for 10 000 products at once)
  • Change outdated comments in multiple products
    Customer testimonials, special notes, product-specific news, apply updates from manufacturer, specific shipping conditions etc

Finally – Macro System for CRE Loaded is a CRE Loaded module to manage specific parts of products content.


Macro System for CRE Loaded

Price: $69.00

View Demo & Buy Now

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