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osCommerce Users Manual V. 2.0: A Guide for Store Owners and Website Developers

osCommerce Users Manual V. 2.0: A Guide for Store Owners and Website Developers

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– Review and comparison of Credit Card Payment Processors so you can easily choose the best one for your company’s needs. Includes fees, countries available, length of commitment, and ease of installation.
– Shipping Methods comparison to make selecting the right shipper easy.
– Records and Database Management, Disaster Planning & Recovery. Hurricane Ivan, we’ve got you covered.

osCommerce Users Manual, Version 2.0 shows you everything you can do yourself using the Administrative Module, once the program is installed (and we can refer you to hosts who will install your site FOR FREE), including:

– Entering your “My Store” settings
– Entering your product information
– Linking to your credit card processor or PayPal
– Setting your Shipping and Taxes
– Editing your Privacy Statement, Contact, Shipping & Returns, and Welcome page
– Maintaining Your Store, Managing Orders & Customers, and
– What you can comfortably tackle by yourself, and what you should leave to a technical pro-and we can refer you to technical pros.

PLUS, exclusive QUICK START GUIDE can help you get your first OSCommerce Website up and running in as little as 30 minutes after installation.


…to make managing your new store a breeze, including: -List of Web Hosts, Installers & Consultants – many will install or move your store for FREE

-PRE-SETUP Checklist for Your Store
-Font and Color Selectors
-Look and Feel Checklist
-InfoBox Checklist
-Greetings Checklist
-Advanced Users’ Fully-Commented Style Sheet
-Advanced Users’ Annotated Cheat Sheet

These checklists and cheat sheets are also available to readers ON THE WEB as forms that can be filled out by the client and emailed to the installer. They may be used by osCommerce consultants, installers and web hosts to zip through your installations!

Price: $29.95

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Buy Now From Amazon

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