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Pro Magento Developer's Guide

Pro Magento Developer’s Guide

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Magento is a powerful Zend-based e-commerce engine with an extensible architecture. This book answers the questions of how Magento should be deployed and properly extended, with a focus on the architectural perspective

If you already have an understanding of Magento or you’ve read The Definitive Guide to Magento, this book will carry on developing your professional skills with the examination of many real-world situations and questions. You’ll now become a professional in your Magento projects, thinking about advanced topics such as:

  • The how and why of implementation and extension
  • Designing for security and compliance
  • Both traditional and cloud hosting

What you’ll learn

  • The patterns behind Magento’s implementation and the logical ways it is meant to be extended and deployed—not just how something can be done, but why it should be done that way
  • How to handle performance bottlenecks and use tuning techniques
  • Practical implementation concerns, such as when to use the CMS instead of an external one
  • How to design for security and compliance, such as PCI and related compliance issues
  • What open source means to you, and how to take advantage of and contribute to the Magento community
  • How to deal with multiple-storefront and internationalization issues

Who is this book for?

This book is for the enterprise e-commerce director or SMB entrepreneur who is looking to use a leading open source e-commerce solution to create one or more world-class e-commerce digital properties. The book covers how Magento should be extended using the patterns of the core architecture.

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Buy Now From Amazon

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