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Advanced WordPress Training Video Tutorials (CD-ROM)

Advanced WordPress Training Video Tutorials (CD-ROM)

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10 Advanced WordPress Videos That Will Help Drive More Traffic, Make You More Money and Have a Better Looking Site.

Blog popularity is due in large part to blogs simplicity. Hosting companies have made setting up a personal site easy. Every one on the Internet no mater what level of technical proficiency is capable of setting up a blog.

But what if you re a little further along in the blog experience and are ready for a change? The more advanced steps are usually so technical and most people want to know how do I do it, not why.

As a trainer of WordPress we hear comments like this everyday

How do I change the link colors?

I want to put a different graphic in my header!

How can I play with the CSS code without a huge learning curve?

Can I post to my blog from my desktop?

How can I set up WordPress as a CMS site?

Well now all these and more are answered on 10 short 10 minute videos covering most of the different aspects that are usually answered with lots of technical jargon.

Watch over the shoulder of a professional WordPress Blogger as he shows you exactly how to do some of the more advanced techniques. No technical jargon, no hype just good old how to training videos.

Price: $24.95

Buy Now From Amazon

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