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WPArcade Plugin for WordPress

WPArcade Plugin allows you to add games manually, or automatic, from MochiMedia. So you will have all the the games from MochiAds for free, automatic with just one click ! If you think that is all, think again, this plugin offers you a great way to make money, when you add automatic games from MochiAds you set your MochiAds ID and so you earn money from the games that you added !


  • Settings (where you can add you MochiAds Feed Url and ID, reset feed, select categories)
  • Feed MochiAds Games
  • Import Feeded Games
  • Add Games Manually (where you can add games manually, including size, thumbnail..)

Pricing: (Comes Free with WPArcade Themes)

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WP Robot Control Center – Manage Multiple AutoBlogs from One Place

The WP Robot Control Center is a new feature where you can manage and adminster a large number of WP Robot autoblogs from single admin. You can now instantly apply new settings to your whole autoblog network, create new campaigns on as many sites as you want and even automatically update WP Robot on all your blogs.

Using the Control Center is extremely easy because the looks and feel of the software mimic the admin section of the WP Robot plugin exactly. It can also remotely administer the most important core WordPress features on all your sites is included as well: Review new posts, check and approve or delete new comments or change your settings on all your websites at once!

WP Robot Control Center Features:

  • Apply any changes you would want to make in WP Robot to any number of different websites at once with the click of a single button! For example:
    • Copy your custom post or module templates from one site to many other weblogs.
    • Create new campaigns on many weblogs at once.
    • Apply all your customized options on the WP Robot ‘Options’ page to other websites.
    • Load and edit settings or other details from any of your weblogs remotely.
    • Quickly set up new websites by copying all options and templates from one your existing blogs over there through the Control Center.
    • Update WP Robot to the latest version on all your websites instantly.
  • Remotely control WordPress: WP Robot Control Center can also manage the most important parts of WordPress itself on all your sites, including:
    • Review new posts and delete them if necessary.
    • Check new comments on all your sites and approve them, delete them or mark them as spam.
    • Change any WordPress settings and apply changes to any number of your websites – especially useful when setting up a new blog: Simply import the settings of your existing sites!
  • Template Sets: Save complete sets of your custom post or module templates in the WP Robot Control Center to quickly load them later and use them in your autoposting campaigns!
    • Coming soon: Share your template sets with other WP Robot users and browse the directory of templates for new ideas to use on your autoblogs.
  • Free Bonus Modules: Just by signing up for the free WP Robot Control Center trial you will get three brand new powerful modules for the WP Robot plugin added to your account as a bonus! That means even more autoblogging power! The new modules are:
    • Linkshare Module: Create targeted posts on your blogs for any product on Linkshare is a huge affiliate network containing thousands of products by well known brands!
    • Eventful Module: Post related events to your sites from the huge database of, including concerts, musicals, festivals, city events and much more!
    • iTunes Module: Access the full content of the successful Apple iTunes store and post apps, music or videos to your weblogs on autopilot.

Pricing: (Free Trial for the first 7 days.)

Unlimited Sites: $79.00 / 30 days

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ReviewAZON – Create Automated Amazon Product Review Websites


ReviewAZON is a wordpress plugin that helps you to build amazon product review sites in minutes. ReviewAZON is simple to use and highly configurable to display product review information in a variety of ways. It supports all Amazon Affiliate programs and allows you to earn commissions on Amazon products.


  • ReviewAZON allows you to display over 25 different pieces of product content such as average customer rating, product description, customer reviews, pricing, brand, manufacturer, product details and more!
  • Detailed product user guide helps you every step of the way when it comes to installing, configuring and using the ReviewAZON WordPress plug-in.
  • Build complete blogs in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks allowing you to focus on other things such as promotion and creating additional blogs.
  • Easy to use and intuitive administrative tools make configuring ReviewAZON a snap!
  • Ajax driven product search dialog screen allows you to search by product category, custom sort parameter and product keywords
  • Support for all the Amazon Affiliate programs including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan.
  • Flexible HTML templates let you control the output of Amazon data to your users with virtually unlimited ways to display pertinent and meaningful content to your blog readers.
  • Custom YouTube video search screen allows you to search for YouTube product reviews and add them to your blog to enhance the reader experience.
  • Display Product Accessories and Similar Product listings along side your product post pages by showing them in-line or by using the custom sidebar widgets that come out of the box with ReviewAZON.
  • Use the built in Custom Template Manager interface to make custom template changes on the fly and update all your blog posts with a single save!
  • Custom Template Token Reference tool allows you to see exactly what tokens are available for use with that particular template without having to reference the manual each time you make a change.
  • eBay integration with PhpBayLite or PhpBayPro enables you to display eBay listings along side the products you are promoting
  • Built in custom Sidebar Widgets helps you to display information such as product Brands, Price Ranges and Featured Products
  • Use the built in Tabbed product listing interface to display product information to your users in a tab layout instead of the normal vertical layout.
  • SEO friendly image and product URLs can be configured to display human readable links that not only help your readers but also boost on page SEO for your blog.
  • Output Caching allows you to speed up the rendering of product content to your blog readers by reducing the load time and the number of calls to the Amazon web service.
  • Continuously add product posts to your blog by ‘Drip Feeding’ them over a defined set of time by using the Bulk Product Post feature of ReviewAZON.
  • Get Lifetime updates
  • Use ReviewAZON on UNLIMITED Domains
  • Access to the ReviewAZON Support Forum

Price: $79.00

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PHP MyVideoBlog – Create Automated WordPress Video Blogs

php my video blog

PHP MyVideoBlog is a wordpress plugin that can automatically post videos from 12 popular video websites to your blogs. You can easily create an auto updating niche video blogs on several niches like MMA, Iphone, Fashion, Sports, Comedy, Celebrities, Porn, and much more.


  • You don’t have to host any videos on your server, the plugin automatically grabs the embed code from the video sites and posts to your blog
  • You just need to choose the feed source, the category, the keywords, the days of the week that you want to grab videos from this source
  • Compatible with 12 video providers (,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Easy control panel inside the wordpress admin!
  • Copy thumbnail images of each video to your own server with SEO titles or use the original link from provider.
  • 2 ways to run the Auto-Updates: Via WordPress Schedulle or Via Server CronJob
  • MVB catches the title, description, embed code and keywords/tags of each video.
  • Create “Post Template” directly in the wordpress admin.
  • Create “Post Template” directly in your wordpress theme using custom fields.
  • Multiple categories per feed.
  • Multiple feeds per category.
  • Choose the maximum number of videos per feed.
  • Choose the weekdays that each feed will be updated.
  • Change status of each feed. On or Off – You can mark any feed as “pending review”, so all the videos from this feed will be saved as “pending review” and will not be published until you access the wordpress admin and publish manually
  • Choose post status, Publish, Pending or Draft.
  • Choose post author for each feed.
  • Skip videos with keywords of your choice.
  • Unlimited use license
  • Free lifetime updates

Price: $26.00

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CSV 2 POST – Import CSV Datafeeds to your WordPress blogs

csv 2 post

CSV 2 POST is a wordpress plugin that allows you to import any CSV files to your wordpress site as blog posts. This includes old backups of WordPress blogs, company data, email archives, affiliate feeds and any other data. CSV 2 POST uses a unique approach to importing csv file data on WordPress and is the best plugin of its type. It comes with unlimited support, constant upgrades without further cost after purchase and it works perfect with premium themes.


  • Create new blogs in hours and overnight with automatic importing!
  • Thousands of posts in minutes with meta tags, perfect SEO and custom fields.
  • Works in any version of WordPress and any theme.
  • No programming skills or developer experiance required to use CSV 2 POST.
  • Insert images and links to your posts using the new WYSIWYG editor.
  • Create, configure and manage import campaigns once they are running.
  • Import any quality csv file data including affiliate feeds.
  • Automatic category creation of up to 4 levels of parent and child categories.
  • Interface settings provide around 80% automation in campaigns.
  • Import at the speed you need, makes use of WordPress CRON.
  • Fully customisable post layouts in PHP with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Standard ‘New Post’ options can be applied through settings page.
  • Mass category delete, page delete, tag delete, post delete…
  • Unlimited downloads of future versions.
  • Hands on support from the WebTechglobal forum


CSV 2 POST Pro: 99.99 GBP

CSV 2 POST Plus: 49.99 GBP

CSV 2 POST Standard: 29.99 GBP

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