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Joomla! Search Engine Optimization by Ric Shreves

Joomla! Search Engine Optimization by Ric Shreves

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Joomla is one of the few most used, open source CMS. This tool helps the developers to build fabulous websites with powerful applications and secured web pages. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique by which global presence of a website or web page is popularized, by drawing that particular page to appear in search engine results. The key point lies in increasing the global or regional traffic to the particular page. There are several books available in the market for improving the SEO of a website which is built by using Joomla , one such book is “Joomla! Search Engine Optimization”,

This book is super charged with inputs from Ric Shreves, a renowned consultant on web applications. He has published few other titles too and is considered as one of the most popular tech-authors around the globe. Ric has been involved in making websites from the era when concept of SEO started. This book, “Joomla! Search Engine Optimization” is equipped with lessons to make a person eligible to create search engine optimized websites on Joomla!.

Every chapter of the book begins with a concept of search engines. It is obvious that search engines allocate page ranks and search results depending upon few algorithms. Ric emphasizes upon these points. By the end of each chapter, the reader gets to know about a particular functionality of the search engines.

Mostly keywords are concerned in SEO. This book helps in finding most searched keywords and hence to optimize the contents of the website so that the web presence would be identified. Developers are just induced to make a website that would make more people to view it. Starting from planning to execution of the best plan; this book would guide through step-by-step approach to make the best practices ever.

As said earlier, this book helps in finding right combination of applications. Those applications would not only compatible for the Joomla version or the website, but also compatible to each other too. To make the best link building strategy, this book would help the learners to win over Google and Bing Webmasters.

The important tips that are provided in this book would improve the SEO of a website and make it impossible to miss. So, if you have a website designed in Joomla then going though this book would benefit you in a number of ways. Buying the book “Joomla! Search Engine Optimization” is quite easy as it is available in several online book stores.

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