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Joomla! Templates (Joomla! Press) by Angie Radtke

Joomla! Templates by Angie Radtke

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Joomla is an open source CMS or content management system. The popular book, “Joomla! Templates” written by Angie Radtke is a complete and authorized guide, informing readers about how to customize, to develop and to make template design with Joomla.

Author Angie Radtke has taken extreme care to represent the concept upon which Joomla works with enormous examples, concise but brief texts. Every chapter begins with simple concepts and techniques and takes the reader to deeper levels gradually. The reader will find the texts attractive and even more interesting while moving ahead with the topics realizing the power of joomla templates and the wider scope of website development through this CMS.

People who have come across any portion of Joomla tool, any version it may be, must have known the author, Angie Radtke better than anyone. Each version of Joomla comes with her Beeze template. The book tries to impart practical knowledge which makes the reader feel like as if he or she is undergoing a workshop on the chapters. Angie Radtke has put a lot of information about CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and IA (Information Architecture: creativity used while designing a website or template or module) into this book.

This book is different from other books on one solid background i.e. the examples. The examples are not only simply demonstrations to do something with Joomla!, rather they guide the learner to apply them to the consecutive challenges mentioned at regular intervals in the book, giving the best practice ever. By the time one finishes all the chapters, he or she is deployed to produce templates fit for the world class websites. Learning the most difficult application design i.e. template design is so easy with guidance provided by Radtke.

One more option is there in template design industry i.e. PSD to Joomla template. Radtke has given enough care to teach PSD to Joomla template through step by step approach. Usability and accessibility of templates in this CMS is shown in this book.

So if you are a Joomla template developer, then go through the book, may be for once. Whatever your expertise level may be, you will be benefited for sure. You will simply end up with newer tips and tricks, best approach to template architecture from one of the best template designer in the world. Your CSS would be stronger than ever and you will be empowered with wider skill-set. This book is simply a shortcut to build error free templates even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about PHP and JavaScript.

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