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Zen Cart Survey Builder Module from MagneticOne

Survey Builder for Zen Cart

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Survey Builder for Zen Cart is an essential element of your e-store feedback system – a perfect marketing tool to make sure your business is moving in the right direction. The easiest way to cover customers with your minimal efforts is to create a survey. Zen Cart Survey Builder is an absolute must-have for you to allow your customers and prospects to evaluate the products and services you are offering.

Build virtually any survey you can imagine : unlimited questions and personalization. Add and customize questions any time you want Measure and predict a customer’s attitude toward a company and/or its products. Customer feedback should drive your marketing communications. Allow your customers and prospects to evaluate the products and services you are offering. Get relevant customer opinion on any question.

Survey builder integrates all available data for a given respondent so that the current survey reflects only the information that is needed, being verified, or studied for change Make customers feel appreciated and important People always evaluate your company for themselves, and when they are addressed to share their opinion makes them know it counts. It is also a good way to learn about customer disappointment.

Survey Builder for Zen Cart Advacned Features:

  • Advanced Visual Survey Builder – Create surveys easily using drag&drop technique
  • Advanced Layout Configuration – Choose predefined survey template, setup the layout of elements, multiple premade survey styles included
  • Wide Range of Question Types Supported – Simple text fields, large text fields, multiple choice, select one of many, questions grid and many others
  • Fields Validation – Basic validation to make sure you get proper results
  • Different Survey Integration Methods – Separate page, popup, embedded
  • Cross-Domain Embeded Surveys – Incorporate survey in any other page, even on different domain, even without Zen Cart
  • Complete Zen Cart Integration – Link each responce to specific customer or order for detailed campaign tracking
  • Survey Scheduling – Get customer responces for any specific amount of time, all time
  • Survey Reports – Get reported about survey reponses via email, RSS subscriptions, periodic notifications
  • Detailed Responce Analysis with Intuituve Charts – Track individual responces, general/detailed statistics per each question, add comments, remove “bad” responces
  • Results Export – Export to CSV/XML for integration with external systems
  • Surveys API – List and Info – Display the surveys list filtered by status and/or name, dynamically retrive the specific survey info (ID, name, status, names of fields (questions), types, etc) via programmatic API


Survey Builder for Zen Cart

Price: $139.00

View Demo & Buy Now

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