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WP Users Sync

Do you have multiple wordpress sites? Do you wish to have common user logins across your wordpress sites? Then this is the best plugin for you.

WP Users Sync allows you to to easily synchronize your users between your WordPress blogs. You can quickly define a central blog where you centralize your users and then define a number of blogs as sub-blogs. Once WP Users Sync is activated on both central and sub-blogs, every time you will update users at central blog, all changes will be immediately copied to all your sub-blogs.

Works with all wordpress versions from 1.5+.

Price: $57.00

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wp synonymizer

Synonymizer is a great plugin for wordpress to make your blog’s content unique automatically. This plugin modifies the content by using the synonymns and make them look less like duplicate content.


  • Easily create alternate versions of any article.
  • Make news feeds more unique.
  • Automatically insert specific HTML, Javascript or PHP code into your posts.
  • Automatically insert anchor text links for keywords or phrases you specify.
  • Automatically modify any post made by popular auto-blogging software like RSS2Blog or WP AutoBlog.
  • Get access to our huge bonus list of 65,000 synonyms!
  • Works with latest wordpress versions 2.8.4+
  • You can use this plugin for unlimited no of sites

Price: $97.00

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$20 discount on all products from Mass Automation Tools. Use the coupon code '48H20' when ordering. Please remember to enter the coupon *twice*: once in shopping cart and once in Google Checkout before confirming payment.

Offer Valid only for 48 hrs (Apr 13 and 14th)

WordPress AutoPost Plugin

sitemile autopost plugin for wordpress

With the AutoPost WordPress plugin you can easily mass import RSS content from any RSS or Atom feed into your wordpress blog. You can set up an automated blog in minutes, and with Google Adsense or any other ad system you can generate huge revenue based on this idea. You will have fresh content on your blog at any time that makes users visiting it again and again.


  • Set the post author for each feed
  • Set custom meta fields to be added from custom rss fields
  • Set main post fields(content, title) to be added from custom rss fields
  • Set time interval to import feeds, minutes, hours, days
  • Pause or activate feeds
  • Select how many posts to import from each feed
  • Comptabile with RSS v0.9 to v1.0, v2.0 and Atom
  • define FTPs and parse XML files from there
  • Set custom taxomoies for each post
  • Automatically download the images and insert them into wordpress media library
  • Easy to setup – just copy, activate and run
  • Choose the category where to import the rss feed
  • Easily manage your feeds, add and delete.
  • synchronize your feeds from the admin side
  • Totally compatible with WordPress 2.7 and up (even with 2.8.6)
  • Set the default post status, publish, draft or private


Single License: $45.00

Developer License: $100.00

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WPReviewEngine – Create Review Sites with WordPress

wpreviewengine review site

WPReviewEngine is a plugin for wordpress that helps you to easily create powerful review sites quickly. It allows you to add star ratings, custom fields, a thumbnail image, and an affiliate link URL to your WordPress posts. Everything will be controlled from the wordpress admin area.

The best features of this plugin includes:

  • Add Star Ratings To Comments
  • You can set an editor’s rating for every item on your website
  • Support For Thumbnail Images & Affiliate Link URLs
  • Supports adding custom fields to posts
  • Ability to add Comparision Tables without adding any code. These comparision tables can be added to any of your wordpress pages or posts
  • Google Maps Integration – You can set the width, height, location, and zoom level of the maps
  • Auto Generation of Comments
  • Import Data From CSV Files
  • WPReviewEngine can work with any theme
  • Fully SEO-Friendly
  • You can choose to order your posts by rating (lowest to highest or highest to lowest), number of comments (most to least or least to most), or the WordPress default

Admin Screenshot: (Click to Enlarge)

wpreviewengine create post


Single Website License: $99.95

Unlimited License: $169.95

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WPMixer – WordPress Content Mixer & Generator


WPMixer is a 5in1 Content Mixer Plugin for wordpress which automatically combines articles, images, videos, questions and answers into a single post. It is a great way to automate your WordPress posts and you will just need to specify the keywords and your affiliate links.


  • Help you build a blog network
  • Add keyword content on your site
  • Help you build an automated articles blog
  • Add articles related to your keywords
  • Help you build an automated video blog
  • Add video content to your posts
  • Help you create niche portals
  • Add question and answers to your post
  • Fully automates your blog posts
  • Gives you the ability to customize posts.
  • Automatically adds keyword tags for SEO
  • Set it on auto-pilot to to create more posts
  • Never get penalized for duplicated content
  • An excellent alternative to domain parking
  • Builds page rank
  • Generates traffic
  • Fully supports wordpress 2.5 and later
  • Flexible custom mix post templates
  • Add the teaser to your post with question and answer to invite people give a comment in your post


Use WPMixer on 5 domains: $97.00

WPMixer Unlimited License: $149.00

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