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MightyMessage – Joomla 1.5 Email System

MightyMessage is a unique e-mail system for Joomla 1.5 that allows to organize mail exchange between registered users within one website. This is a great tool for community sites, organizations that control managers through the internet, or for other purposes such as non-profit, B2B ( like) and many others.


  • Exchange messages between users within one site
  • 100% Joomla 1.5 native component with intuitive interface
  • Create your own message types like Thread Lead Inquiry, CV request, Apply for job…
    • Composition of Message forms may be extended with additional fields by MightyResource types. *The fields types such as media, flash and several others can’t be added to PDF view
    • Create menu item for certain type
    • Set default type
    • Create non-selected types
    • User may select type from a list of public types while composing messages
  • Core undeletable folders: Inbox, Draft, Sent, Junk, Trash
  • Admin may create global folder that will be visible to all users
  • User may create own folders and assign Icons to them.
  • Keep message history
  • Compose message
    • CC and BCC fields
    • “Save a copy” in sent folder
    • Attach file
    • Set priority
    • Message read confirmation
  • User options, to configure own Inbox
    • Exchange messages between users within one site
    • Send copy of incoming messages to your registration E-mail
    • To Additional Email
    • On / Off Inbox for receiving messages;
    • On / Off for receiving messages from Fiends only (integration with MightyTouch
  • Admin Configuration
    • Recipient Can Reply: No, Yes
    • Recipient Can Forward: No, Yes
    • Recipient Can Attach: No, Yes
    • Message limit calculated through all folders
    • Date format
    • Shadowbox params
  • Message managment
    • Delete to Trash
    • Set flags for messages
    • Create filters or views
  • API to integrate with other components


Single Site Lifetime: € 29.00

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Mighty Analytics – Advanced Analytics Component for Joomla

MightyAnalytics is a great component to display your analytics data in a beautiful animated diagrams with 3D effects and bright, wide color schemes and extremely dynamic. MightyAnalytics is only a wrapper for display charts but the charts are created by plug-ins. Every report you see is a plug-in. Actually you cannot see the reports for simply any component after installing Analytics. You must have the appropriate plug-in.


  • Flash based charts / diagrams
  • Navigate through diagram (zoom, scroll, etc.)
  • Ajax update technology
  • Include table with full information
  • Print view A4 format adjusted
  • Reports and diagrams are visible from the front-end
  • Admin sets the level of users allowed to view reports
  • Every report can be adjusted with the binding to one user or all users
  • Download table as Microsoft® Office Excel® for future analysis
  • Plug-in based charting – easy to integrate with any component
  • Convert Flash charts to PNG images

Price: € 9.00

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Mighty MassMail – Joomla Component to Mass Email to Registered Users

Mighty MassMail allows to you to mass mail to registered users. Mighty MassMail uses Joomla’s core content to create newsletters. You can choose different content items from different categories to send to your customers.

MightyMassMail can apply filters for every newsletter. All filters work as plug-ins. That means you can even create your own filters. For example: Send letter to only those who have checked “Subscribed to news letter” check-box on registration, Send newsletter to all “Gold Member” subscribers, Send letter to only authors in blog, etc…


  • Set subject
  • Append and prep-end text before send
  • Edit dynamically formed letter text
  • Set format (text / html)
  • Set filters
  • Set Sending parameters
  • Mail Newsletters to unlimited number of users
  • Recurring mass mailing – the same newsletter can be sent multiple amount of times
  • Options for every newsletter can be configured individually
  • Calculation of newsletter efficiency. Analyze which links the users have clicked in the newsletter
  • Set Mass Mail speed (For example: you can send 10 letters every 10 minutes. This helps to avoid spam problems)
  • Send newsletters automatically and assign their respective dates
  • Attach file to newsletter.


Single Site Lifetime: € 9.00

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Mighty Membership – Create Joomla Based Membership Site

Mighty Membership helps you to to create a membership website based on subscriptions. You can easily protect any section or any action of any component.


  • Flexible Subscription Scenarios
    • Show intro section but protect full view
    • Restrict any page of any component
    • Restrict any action of any component
    • Section / category plan
    • Individual user plans
    • Individual article plans
    • Limit access by time period
    • Subscription plan discount on second purchase
    • Limit on amount of times subscription can be used
    • Invisible subscription plans
    • Zero price subscription plans
    • Cross planning
    • MUA – Multi User Access for one plan (corporate subscriptions)
    • Other plans dependent price
    • Automatically grant to new or old users
    • Alert admin on new subscription
    • Alert subscriber with instructions
    • Alert subscriber on expiry
    • Assign user subscription manualy
    • Categorize subscription plans
    • Show one plan or few plan layouts
    • And many, many more…
  • Mult-Payment Solution
    • On-line payment interface as plug-in system
    • Payment plug-in settings separate for every plan
    • Immediate access after payment
    • Off-line, 2CO and PayPal plug-ins included
    • 3DP payment plug-in for all major payment gateways, such as Google Checkout, Authorize, LinkPoint, Moneybookers, eWay and many others…
  • Multi-Featured
    • Joomla 1.5 Native
    • Front-end user subscription history
    • Coupon System
    • JoomFish Multi Language support
  • Complete Reports
    • Enabled only in PRO version
    • Show subscriptions progress by days, months, weeks for any period and for any group of subscriptions
    • Show Relational / comparison reports for any period and for any group of subscriptions

How it Works?

Price: € 59.00

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Mighty Invoice – Advanced billing component for Joomla

Mighty Invoice is flexible and advanced billing component for Joomla. This component easily allows you to create invoices and receive payments from your customers. It is adapted to the European tax structure and the billed invoices may be used for local tax returns.

MightyInvoice supports all payment systems from MightyMembership. 2co, PayPal and Offline payment systems are available in the package. There are also more 26 payment systems like Google checkout, Moneybookers, WorldPay, eWay, and many others


  • Create Personal Bills
  • Create Product such as bills (multi-pay)
  • User can choose either to include or exclude tax payments
  • User can change quantity
  • Online Payment plugins include: 2Checkout,
    PayPal, Offline
  • Invoice standards
  • Order ID as barcode (CODE128)
  • Invoice number as barcode (CODE128)
  • Tax ID if applicable as barcode (CODE128)
  • Integrated with  Mighty Registration and entered address fields on invoice by default
  • Reporting system as Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheet
  • Reporting as Diagrams
  • Easy integration with other components through API
  • Easy integration with other components through plugin events

Price: € 29.00

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